Finding Peace: Half-Day Meditation Retreat with Gen Kelsang Wangpo

Finding Peace: Half-Day Meditation Retreat

Saturday Jan 22 · 10:00 am - 1:00 pm

KMC Houston
1110 Lovett Boulevard - Montrose
Houston, TX, 77006

Free parking is available in the lot behind the Center and on the surrounding neighborhood streets.

Cost: $20

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No matter how busy or full our life may be, we still wish for happiness in everything we do. However, if our mind is agitated or worried, we aren’t able to enjoy our activities or our relationships. Meditation helps us cultivate peaceful, clear states of mind that naturally give rise to happiness. With a peaceful mind, we can learn to enjoy any situation and can thus bring benefit to ourselves and others in our daily life. You can join this retreat at any time that fits your schedule. The three sessions will be available for one week after the original broadcast.

For people with a special interest in learning to meditate, we have developed a special meditation program. The program is designed to help people improve and enjoy their meditation practice. As part of this program, we are offering four unique online urban meditation retreats. The retreats are approximately every six weeks (Sept 18, Oct 23,  Dec 18, and Jan 29).

Our Thursday classes span several series. We offer 24 unique classes and four mini-retreats in all. Check our online calendar for more information about our other Thursday series and the mini-retreats.


Thursdays Workshops
Introduction to Buddhist Meditation / Aug 5 to September 9 Introduction to Meditation: Online Mini Meditation Retreat  / September 18
Foundations of a Strong Meditation Practice / September 16 to October 21 Rest, Reflect, Refresh: Urban Meditation Mini-Retreat  / Oct 16
Meditation and Mindfulness / Oct 28 to Dec 9 Mindfulness: Mini Meditation Retreat  / Dec 18
How to Practice Buddhist Meditation / Dec 16 to Jan 20 Finding Peace: Half-Day Meditation Retreat  / Jan 22


If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

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