Introduction to Buddhist Meditation with Gen Kelsang Wangpo

Introduction to Buddhist Meditation

Thursday · Feb 25, 2021 · 7:30 pm - 8:45 pm
Cost: $12
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We are Kadampa Meditation Center Houston, so naturally people come looking to learn how to meditate. The most common questions are the most straightforward: Can I meditate? How can I be a better meditator? Where do I even start? The answers are very straightforward too. Yes, you can meditate and whether you are just starting or wanting to improve, you can join our Thursday Meditation Practice Classes to develop your meditation practice.

Our Introduction to Buddhist Meditation gives a perfect overview and encouragement to help you get started. This six-week series of classes offers an introduction that will act as a source of encouragement for the entirety of your meditation practice. So, whether you are new or experienced, you will find this class gives you energy for a meditation practice.

Every class includes meditations, teachings, and the opportunity to ask questions.

Everyone welcome, regardless of background or experience.

We have designed a special structure for our Thursday Meditation Classes. You can drop in for any Thursday Meditation Class. These classes are structured as a set of brief series of topics. Attending the whole series will let you understand an aspect of meditation. We offer on ongoing sequence 4 different meditation class series which will give you a detailed overview of every aspect of meditation. You do not need to attend the sequence of classes in order. They are: Introduction to Buddhist Meditation (Feb 18 to Mar 25), Foundations of a Strong Meditation Practice (April 1 to May 6), Meditation and Mindfulness (May 13 to June 17), & How to Practice Buddhist Meditation (June 24 to July 29). Check our online calendar for more information about these classes.

For people with a special interest in learning to meditate, we have developed a special meditation program. This retreat is part of the special meditation program that we have at KMC Houston. The program is designed to help people improve and enjoy meditation practice. As part of this program we are offering four unique online urban meditation retreats. The retreats are approximately every six weeks.

This class is being held weekly Thursday, Feb 18 to March 25

Thursdays Workshops
Introduction to Buddhist Meditation / Feb 18 to March 25 Introduction to Meditation: Online Mini Meditation Retreat  / March 27
Foundations of a Strong Meditation Practice / April 1 to May 6 Rest, Reflect, Refresh: Urban Meditation Mini-Retreat  / May 8
Meditation and Mindfulness / May 13 to June 17 Mindfulness: Mini Meditation Retreat  / June 26
How to Practice Buddhist Meditation / June 24 to July 29 Finding Peace: Half Day Meditation Retreat  / July 31

This class is being held weekly Thursday, Feb 18 - Thursday, Mar 25

If you have any questions please email: [email protected]

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