Patience is Love with Gen Kelsang Wangpo

Patience is Love

Saturday Mar 13 · 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cost: $20

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Patient acceptance not only helps us, it also helps those with whom we are patient. Being accepted feels very different from being judged. When someone feels judged, they automatically become tight and defensive, but when they feel accepted they can relax, and this allows their good qualities to come to the surface. — Geshe Kelsang Gyatso, How to Solve Our Human Problems

Patient acceptance is often seen as a weak and passive mind, but actually, nothing could be further than the truth.  Patient acceptance is a powerful mind that makes us as strong and stable as a mountain. When a mountain is struck by a thunderstorm, it remains unmoved.  In the same way, regardless of what “storms” arise in our daily life, our patience protects our peace of mind and allows us to offer love and kindness in the face of difficulty.  When we lack patience, we are like the pine trees lining the mountain — we are easily disturbed by the challenges we face and may respond with anger or negativity.  On the other hand, when we gain patience, we also gain the ability to remain loving, peaceful, flexible, and clear-headed, no matter what the circumstances.

Learn how to be lovingly patient in this special course. Everyone is welcome as Buddhist monk Gen Kelsang Wangpo offers Buddhist wisdom that will fit nicely into your life and help you solve your problems.

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