Vajrayogini Self Generation Retreat

The Union of Sutra and Tantra in our Daily Lives: 

Vajrayogini retreat with commentary on Tantric practice that will deepen our Lamrim experience
Kadampa Buddhists see January as a holy month, a blessed gift from the Spiritual Guide, and a time for meaningful retreat.
The most common activities of this blessed retreat month are the practices of Vajrayogini. Our focus during this retreat will be teachings that emphasize the union of Sutra Lamrim and Tantric practice. The stages of the path are not only preliminary trainings for Tantric practitioners, but are also part of our tantric practice.
Gen Kelsang Wangpo will give these teachings to encourage us in our practice of Highest Yoga Tantra and our Lamrim. In this way we will receive encouragement on all of the stages of the path.
By engaging in this retreat we will definitely be able to enjoy a meaningful activity during the holiest month of the year.
Sessions are pre-recorded and include Blissful Path prayers. The fourth session on Saturday and Monday will include tsog offerings. These sessions will be 2 hours instead of 90 minutes. You can make tsog offerings at home with just bala madana if you like. The Question and Answer session will be live on zoom, Sunday January 17 at 7pm.

Sign Up for Vajrayogini RetreatRetreat cost is $75
Sessions are available for 14 days

Topics will include

Friday Night

1. Preciousness of Tantra &  Preciousness of our Human Life (7:00pm)


1. Death & 1st Bringing (6:00am)

2. Rebirth (lower realms) & 2nd/3rd bringing (10:00am)

3. Tsog offerings &  Refuge (offerings) (4:00pm)

4. Karma, HYT meditations, giving, etc.
(session 4 includes a tsog offering)  (7:00pm)


1. Renunciation & Refuge prayers, sadhana practice (6:00am)

2. Bodhichitta & Bodhichitta prayers (10:00am)

3. Giving & purifying migrators (4:00pm)

4. Question session (7:00pm)


1. Emptiness of self & 3 brings (6:00am)

2. Emptiness of Vajrayogini & self generation (10:00am)

3. Tranquil Abiding @ self- generation (4:00pm)

4. Non-dual profundity & clarity
(session 4 includes a tsog offering) (7:00pm)