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No prayers are being held at the Center. You can join us virtually for our next Group Prayer Live Stream:

Daily Prayer Practice

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Daily Prayer Practice

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Weekly Prayer Practice

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Monthly Prayer Practice

Available All Day on the 8th

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Monthly Prayer Practice

Available All Day on the 10th and 25th

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Monthly Prayer Practice

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Wishfulfilling Jewel (29th only)

Learn About Our Kadampa Prayers

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Weekly Classes ~ Fridays at 7 - 8pm

June 5 – Liberation from Sorrow

Prayers for developing a deep feeling of closeness with Buddha Tara, through which we can receive her blessings and protection.

June 12 – No class

June 19 – US Festival Intro

June 26 – Meditation and Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva

The practice of cleansing our mind of all delusions and negativity by relying on Vajrasattva, the Buddha of Purification.

July 3 – Offering to the Spiritual Guide

The special Guru yoga practice of Je Tsongkhapa in conjunction with Highest Yoga Tantra, which also includes all the essential practices of the stages of the path to enlightenment.

July 10 – KMC Austin empowerment

July 17 – Great Mother

A clear translation of the famous Heart Sutra, with an explanation of how reciting and contemplating it can be used for overcoming obstacles to our spiritual practice.

August 14 – Medicine Buddha Prayer

A special practice focusing on Medicine Buddha for helping others through healing actions.

August 21 – Heart Jewel (Part 2)

Explanation of relying upon the Dharma Protector Dorje Shugden

August  28 – Bodhisattva’s Confession of Moral Downfalls

A powerful practice that focuses on the Thirty-five Confession Buddhas to purify our mind of even the heaviest negativities.