Vajrasattva Retreat

The Vajrasattva Purification retreat is an annual practice that we engage in to help purify our mind and remove negative karma. This purification practice is explained in Great Treasure of Merit and uses two prayer booklets – Offering to the Spiritual Guide and Meditation and Recitation of Solitary Vajrasattva. We will have 4 sessions each day. The sessions are approximately … Read More

Visitor Guidelines

Download File KMC Houston Class & Event Attendance Guidelines by KMC Houston on Scribd

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Share the Dharma

Share our posts and events on social media and help people discover the beauty of meditation. Here are three easy ways to help on Facebook. You can do all of these by choosing an event to support from our Facebook page ( mark interested/going for events, sharing our events on their pages, inviting people to events Mark interested/going for eventsFind … Read More