Finding Peace in Uncertain Times with Gen Kelsang Wangpo

Saturday Jun 6 ยท 10:00 am - 1:00 pm
Cost: $20
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Buddha said that the mind is the creator of all things. Do we understand how our mind creates everything? We can create fear or harmony, hatred or love, peace or agitation through the power of our thoughts. Our mind is powerful and our heart is powerful, but only if we tap into that power. With so much uncertainty in the world, we want to look forward with vision and hope, but we regularly hear news that we find disheartening and we see so many difficulties in the world and our own lives. What we see and hear during these uncertain times can be a burden that weighs us down and makes us feel tired. Or not. Again, our mind is powerful. We can control our mind, our thoughts, our attitudes, and our actions.

In this course we are going to look at how we can let go of heavy mental burdens. We will also look at how to take the mental space that we liberate and use it to become a source of power for positive outcomes in our life, despite the conditions around us.

Join us for this empowering talk and learn how to uplift your mind and generate powerful, beneficial attitudes that will serve you well in these uncertain times. Gen Kelsang Wangpo, our resident teacher and Buddhist monk, will use Buddha’s teachings and his meditation experience to help us experience these transformations. Everyone is welcome.



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